In the year of the Scientist, man has been living through many problems in his life

Example: the problem of perception (astrology) at a date and time of a person, then the benefits of the person's name (pseudoscience), the number of advantages and disadvantages of the person's birth (Numerology),

Directions (numerical architecture) According to the date of birth of a person, the person has experienced the problem of my life from birth to the end and lost his confidence and reached the point of life. But the fire of Agni hatred can be seen in many awe of human life. Example: Financial Advantage, Progress in Employment, Development in Business,. . Facilitate good things, prosperity in health, and many more. Wonders can be found. Tens of thousands of problems

Agnihotra's practice does not have any caste-religion, big and small

Agnihotra Astrology:

The path to eliminating those errors, though there is any error in the horoscope at the time of human birth.

Agnihotra Pneumology::

The name of the person must be exposed to the fire burning according to the date and time of the person's birth.

Agnihotra Numerology:

Agnihotra Numerology: If any defects in the date of birth date are the number of numerical disorders and the number of benefits.

Agnihotra Numbered Architecture:

Directions Most important arguments can be observed in accordance with good directions depending on date of birth but many individuals live in opposite directions so they do not see development Agnihotra can be developed by architecture.

Farmers can also see scientifically progress from the Agnihotra celebration.

A challenge to science in the scientific era.